I know I don't have any story to back this game up, but I am working on it. I am working on the beta script as we speak. It will just take time for the final release. Just hang in there. This is my first team project. I have taken the job of spriter in this series. A new member has joined our ranks. Shaq is now the games piano musician. Let's welcome him. I promise this is not going to be an epic fail production. This is becoming a well thought out game. And like all well thought out games take a bit of time. I am sorry for the wait. We are going the fastest that we can. Once the Beta script is done, I submit it to wake who will re-write it in a better way. And Wake's version I will post on this website.
P.S. I am making the vault public on 11/5/10 - 12/31/10. Now you may see what is in the Vault.