These are the Alpha Scripts from Me. These will be sent to wake, who will edit and rewrite.

You must Download these Scripts to view them. It just makes it easier on me.

These Scripts were made by Ultimate Ifrit

MDTOA Ch0 alpha.rtf MDTOA Ch0 alpha.rtf
Size : 2.492 Kb
Type : rtf
Memories demise Ch.1.rtf Memories demise Ch.1.rtf
Size : 6.386 Kb
Type : rtf
MDCH2 Alpha.rtf MDCH2 Alpha.rtf
Size : 10.195 Kb
Type : rtf
Chapter 3a Alpha.rtf Chapter 3a Alpha.rtf
Size : 7.91 Kb
Type : rtf
Chapter3b-MDTOA.rtf Chapter3b-MDTOA.rtf
Size : 244.114 Kb
Type : rtf
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