Working... Just keep with me.

September 17, 2012
I am working on what needs to be done. Just hold with me for a little while. Artwork is getting done, and as soon as I get internet I start working on the demo for the prototype. I promise. As for the manga, I have to get a new tablet pen before that is possible, but I am rough sketching the pages and practicing drawing my characters at many different views. Just got hair rotation to master, but that won't take too long.

On a site related note: I am updating the last pieces of information. I have new character descriptions that will be added to the site. These are the final ones. I am also redrawing all the sprites to fit my current style. Here is a small example of Terra's new sprite.


Practicing backgrounds, Fixing computer

July 16, 2012
I am currently working on practicing my backgrounds for the series, and also working on getting my computer fixed long enough to start on the demo. Just hang in there. It will be arriving. I swear it.
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I'm back.

May 31, 2012
I am back from my small month long break and working on the series yet again. It will be slowed down a bit when I get my computer working, still got to do school work, but overall, production time will increase once summer starts. Remember, to read the Manga for memories Demise, go to and click on Gallery>Memories Demise TOA and click the cover page. Links in the description to the others.

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Manga added

April 4, 2012
I added a section to the website to display the memories demise manga. I am aware there is no zoom in and it makes the manga very crappy quality. If you want to view the manga at the best quality it is also featured on my deviantart page.

Memories Demise: Volume 1 will contain the prologue and chapters 1-3.

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Updated sprites added.

March 14, 2012
I have added the updated sprites for the memories demise characters. Unfortunately, I only have the front facing sprites for the moment. The other views and the walking animations are soon to come. But for now, getting all the main characters designed is most important.

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Cleanup Complete

March 5, 2012
So the cleanup is complete. This site is now for the most part up to date on the current events of Memories Demise. All that is left is to update the character sprites seen in the characters section of the vault and to create profile images for Ifrit and Terra. WOO! But that will probably not be for a while. I got school work I gotta get done in order to graduate this year.

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Cleaning up/updateing the site.

February 7, 2012
Over half the information on this site is old, outdated, and has been around when this site was first formed(with minor changes.) Over time however this project grew and information has changed. Therefore I am Updating the sites information. Pictures and all. Mostly starting with the story section.

Also in addition, I am updating the character sprites that are seen in the vault. As the character designs too have changed over time.

All for now.

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A couple of things.

January 25, 2012
First of all, you might have noticed the site is no longer accepting donations. (Not That I got any anyway.) This is because there have been issues with my card and I am working as hard as I can to get that fixed. Second, I contacted wake about the final Revisions. He may be having problems with his internet so just be patient.
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January 11, 2012
First of all New post picture. Second of all the site is now accepting donations for the game. Because as you can imagine there are many expenses that go in to making a game. From Programs to Equipment to Marketing. If you have the time I would appreciate any donations made for the cause.

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Stupid monitor

November 29, 2011
Sorry, Updates here are a little delayed. My monitor Crashed on me. I am using my dad's monitor for a while just long enough to type this out. Please not though, I am still working as hard as I possibly can on this game.

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Josh A Game Artist. I am a spriter and 2D artist. And I am making my sprites better and better. Founder of The Memories Demise Series. Not much more to say.


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