Commonly asked questions:

What is Memories Demise?

Memories Demise is a series of games from the line of MegaDemon Productions. It will also be made into a manga and Anime(Online, Non-TV)

What is being used to make it?

The Prototype of this game is being made in RMXP. This version will range from $1 - $5. Time of Awakening will be re-made either A when I get out of College or B when I am still in college and will be made in a much more professional style.

Will it be sold?

The prototype for the game will range somewhere from $1 - $5 and the final product will be $10 - $15. These values depend on the quality of the game. The demo will not be sold, but will be free. I do not believe in charging for demos.

Any platform releases?

As of right now it is only going to be available for the PC. Eventually we will see about a multi-console release, but I am not making any promises.

Is it only Keyboard?

I am working on making it compatible for gamepad as well.

What type of game is it?

Hack and Slash Adventure RPG.

When can we expect a demo?

The demo will be started as soon as I get Internet on my computer again.


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