What becomes of those who walk in the world of light and have ties to the world of shadows? What happens to those who are feared yet bring no harm? What should be done when the world around you crumbles beneath your feet in a war that has lasted for thousands of years? These questions are asked every day, yet none of them answered. For no one knows what fate has in store. Be we all dead inside the true question remains, Do you envy those who are living, and seek to take their life? Or do you seek to stop others from dying too? Answer yourself this, and destiny can be yours to mold.

- Late king of Kalka-

The Characters are:

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Cerberus is often seen as the smart-ass of the group. Often shooting sarcastic remarks towards everything. At the age of 8 years old, his hometown was attacked by demons. In the raid, His father died fighting the demons off, his mother died protecting Cerberus. He lost them both as well as half the town. In blind fury he took up a sword against the demons, and one of them took out his eye. He was saved by the rising sun, and unknowingly saved the mayors life.Not long after, he met Ifrit. Ifrit's family offered Cerberus a place to stay, as his old home, while still standing and covered for in expenses by the mayor, was too hard for him to go into without memories of the gruesome slaughter flooding his mind. Sooner after that, he met Terra when she saw him staring at the house that was once his. She helped Cerberus move on, and even got Cerberus to enter the house. Not wanting anyone to have to suffer what he went through again, he went to Join the newly formed King's Knights Operation at the age of 18. He joined the Emergency Response team, the only team in the organization that goes to many towns instead of being based in just one. He will often seem happy and carefree until he is faced with a fiend or demon. When that happens, you can see the burning resentment in his eyes, despite his attempts to hide his rage behind sarcasm. Cerberus will only use a sword, as he hates it when guns run out of ammo. However, he will on occasion fire a round from Ifrit's pistol at a fiend. But only if required.



Very strong, very smart, and very short temper. She is Deadly with her staff. Modified by herself to extend and retract based on her thought waves. Can get up to Twice it's normal length, and can retract the blades and fold the design over for storage on her back. Her armor is designed to carry the staff, as well as several other items through a storage device in the back that Turns the items into light and stores it. She can carry up to 30 health potions with it, and can't store anything that is too heavy. She is often seen working on some sort of machine or weapon. Even designs and builds Cerberus' robotic arm. And the mayors robotic right hand. At the age of 7, her hometown was attacked by demons. Everyone she knew personally however, managed to escape with minimal damage. Her family was one of the first to find shelter, and thus did not witness most of the carnage. However, she did witness the murder of Cerberus' parents. She also witnessed Cerberus standing up to the demons, and losing his eye, only to be saved by the sunrise. They lost half of the town that day. Things just weren't the same in Drakon anymore after that day. 2 weeks later, Cerberus was in front of the house once owned by his parents. She recognized him as the boy by looking at his eye injury. She apologized to cerberus for his loss, but told him not to worry. That even though they are gone, he shouldn't blame himself for the incident. He was strong that day, and no one was able to forsee the attack. She filled Cerberus with confidence for protecting the town, and to not let the past bother him too much. She then ran into ifrit when she saw him and Cerberus Training together. From that day on, she trained with them, just as much as they did. When Cerberus and Ifrit Go to Join the King's Knights Operation 10 years later, Terra stays behind, knowing that someone would have to stay to protect the town. Cerberus told her to protect the town at almost any cost while they were gone, but not to go overboard. If an Emergency like what happened 10 years prior should arise, The Knight's would take care of it. Apparently, she forgot about that last statement...




Ifrit is mostly seen as the comic relief of the Drakon Group. He is very easy-going and often finds some way to screw something up. Be it something small or something large. He however, can be just as skilled and just as serious as Cerberus when the fight starts. But when the fight is over, He will be just as crazy as he has always been. Ifrit Strongly believes that you can't let the past and the little things get you down. That there is no point in something if you can't find a way to have fun doing it. At the age of 8, his hometown was attacked by demons. Ifrit lost his grandfather just before the raid. A retired soldier that once protected the town. Before he died, he gave Ifrit his red headband. During the raid, While Ifrit's family was trying to take shelter, Ifrit witnessed the slaughter of half the town, then he witnessed the slaughter of the man who always faught for the town, as well as the slaughter of a woman protecting a child. He did not get a good look at the boys face though. The next week, after the boy had been released from the hospital for his eye injury, he wandered up and accidentally reminded Cerberus of his parents death, by mentioning that he saw Morris Grimhound's death. He met Terra soon after Cerberus did. Cerberus had been living with Ifrit for a while until Cerberus Turned 13. Then He and Ifrit lived in separate houses again, but Ifrit's family still sees Cerberus as part of the Family. Not wanting Cerberus to Join the King's Knights Operation alone, he joined up with Cerberus at the age of 18.

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